How To Serve More People in the Physical Medicine Practice

I am always asked by medical providers and business owners how we operate at Downtown’s Healthcare to service many patients.

When I started at Downtown’s Healthcare it was just transitioning from a Chiropractic office to an integrated medical office. The medical department consisted of one person (me) and my office was also my treatment room. In the Downtown’s Healthcare facility, we have two NPs, two MAs, four medical treatment rooms, one IV treatment room, and an aesthetics room.

Here are just a few keys to this expansion.

First and foremost DHC has a tremendous purpose. This purpose has been shared with the team over and over. I bought into this purpose quickly after starting. I fully believe that the healthcare system in this country is broken. I fully agree that patients should be treated from a more naturalistic stand point. I am blessed everyday to take care of patients and help them get off drugs and avoid unnecessary surgeries.

Secondly, we focus on the following on a continual basis:

  • We Train everyday!
  • We added multiple medical rooms
  • We have solid systems in place
  • We have great verbal and nonverbal communication systems in place
  • We operate of a set of core values that the team is managed by
  • We continue to update our policies to improve our delivery and patient care flows
  • Etc…

So, the question is, How do I serve more patients?

The above list is a starting point, however, the number one key as I discussed is purpose!

What is your why?

Once the owner of the organization has this, do they spend the time relaying this purpose? Leadership starts at the top!

I’ve been fortunate to be on a team that has this leadership. We spend time every week reviewing this purpose and everyone in our office operates off their personal, professional and financial goals.

I hope this article helps and if you are in an office that operates like this then hold on! You’re in for the ride of your life. If you find yourself not in this type of office, I highly recommend that you get with the office owner and start a dialogue on how you can operate with a higher purpose.

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  • Melissa Hunter
    Posted August 22, 2018 12:36 pm 0Likes

    I appreciate the fast replies from the IU team and Karen, thank you!

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