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IV Supplies

For discounted prices, please mention Injection University.
Supplies can be purchased from:

Phone #: 855-571-2100

List of supplies needed:
Core Supply List:
Myers Cocktail: (Glutathione as add-on)
Normal Saline 500 ml bag REF: #L8001
IV Tubing 15 drop/ml 83” length REF: V1390
IV start kit MFR#25-5862
Extension set REF 474921

Needle Supply Options:
1. BD Autoguard #22 GA x 1.00 REF 381423
2. Safety wing blood collection hinged set 21 GA 3/4” MFR# 2193

10cc syringe REF#______
18 GA x 1” MFR# 16-N181
(For Meyers 10ml – premixed by pharmacy)

5cc syringe #_______
18 GA x 1” MFR# 16-N181
(Glutathione 5ml – 200mg/ml)

Blood pressure cuff
Olympia Pharmacy:
Phone: 407-673-2222
Contact: Brian Wilbert
CP: 615-414-5887

1. Glutathione
2. Myers Cocktail

OZONE Supplies

Here is some links to products we recommend from SimplyO3:

Stratus 2.0 Generator Only – this is the cheapest option they have available, and is a great choice for Practitioners new to ozone or just wanting to get their “feet wet” with this type of therapy. This machine does not come with a regulator or accessories.

Stratus 3.0 Unit with regulator – they have had many practitioners who do injections only, choose this model as it has 11 different ozone gamma settings to pick from and a built in ozone destruct.

Cumulus Ozone Generator – their base model commercial unit that has 44 ozone concentration settings for flexibility.

Ozonette – the top of the line ozone generator that has built in automations to make this machine fast and accurate. Has 80 different ozone concentration settings, built in regulator so you can select an exact gamma amount on the touchscreen and automatic syringe stop. This unit also has a built in ozone destruct as well.

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