What Makes a “Good” Medical Provider?

How to find a medical provider with the right purpose?

What is the mindset needed to do well in this environment?

Why is this environment different for medical providers?

I get these questions on a daily basis in the integrated physical medicine setting. After 20 years in healthcare working in many settings, I can see the training and operating basis of traditional western medicine and integrated physical medicine clinics vary widely.

Going from the hospital setting focusing on medications and surgery to focusing on function and not symptom base care was shocking for me as a nurse practitioner. As many medical providers in my injection training courses have expressed in the past, this integrated setting is much different than what they are used to with previous jobs.

So, how do we bridge that gap from traditional treatment and training to integrated settings focusing on function and regeneration?

It starts with purpose. We all got into healthcare for the same reason, to help and serve. It doesn’t matter if you are a chiropractor, physical therapist, nurse practitioner, medical doctor, physician assistant, or doctor of osteopath. We are all in this to serve, help our patients, and get the best possible results!

While we all work with in our own scope of practice, our focus and intention is based on this concept. Finding ways using our specialities and solid systems in places to get the best possible results for our patients while serving the masses with the integrated team.

In teaching over 800 medical providers over the last six years, I have noticed a few things that really make medical providers stand out in training and they do a great job in practice long after the course is over. These medical providers leave with confidence and skills that will take them to the next level.

The secret ingredient is enthusiasm! High level of willingness to experience and embrace change is another important trait when looking for a medical provider.

It has been my experience when a medical provider is enthusiastic and embraces change with a high level of willingness as they are moving into this integrated setting that focuses on function based care and not symptom based care they do very well. They learn quickly, stay diligent, high work ethic, and a strong purpose to help and serve their patients.

Adding in a successful system for integration creates a new solution for our patients that desperately need our help. A strong team trains daily and has high level of communication with the team and the patients. This combination of training and a great attitude is what is needed to move into new levels to help and serve our patients.

“In the pursuit of your life’s purpose, there will occur a defining moment, in the form of a refining crisis, setting you free from a confining limitation, this empowering you to step into greatness.” Mark Chironna


  • Alisha Williams
    Posted August 22, 2018 12:35 pm 0Likes

    Great to know – thank you Karen. Looking forward to seeing your office in Denver!

    • Melissa Hunter
      Posted August 22, 2018 12:37 pm 0Likes

      This is a very useful…thanks Karen. I would love to learn more about upcoming advanced trainings pls.

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