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At My Injection Training, it is our ongoing commitment to provide our members and participant clients with the highest level and quality of injection training.  Through our live in-person workshops as well as our virtual platform, we aim to continually improve upon our training materials and methodology.  My Injection Training is ever-dedicated to staying on the forefront of modern day medical education through innovation and practical application.
Dr Jones

“ Thank you for giving our team the attention and personalized help. Our nurse practitioner and supporting staff are at the top of their game now! ”

Dr Jones

Practice Owner
Dr Carter

“ I attended Karen’s training live after one of the AMI Doctor’s workshops and was pleasantly surprised at how detail my NP came away with that will help him with his proficiency and an overall fantastic technician. ”

Dr Carter

Practice Owner
Tina L.

“ I am so grateful for Karen! She helped me with a couple challenging injections.  Since my practice is sports-oriented, this was invaluable to ensure I get the best placement. ”

Tina L.

Nurse Practitioner

Popular Questions

Yes! This is all hands on course focusing on musculoskeletal conditions from head to toe. Using ultrasound guidance for joint injections.

Making sure they have the right mindset is key. Giving them the tools and skillset for success. Getting your medical provider to the hands on injection training courses is essential with making sure they know how to use the ultrasound machine, have the right set up in the medical rooms, and staff needed to make the medical department running smoothly and efficiently. Repetition is key! 

YES! You really need to use ultrasound with joint injections for precision. Looking at current data on efficacy of use of ultrasound, it does not compare to “blind” (non ultrasound) injections. We have an ethical duty to do no harm and serve our patients. Using visual guidance is imperative for accuracy and precision for injections. 

YES! It has been my experience that providers who have already been performing injections have given fantastic feedback that they learned new or easier ways to do the injections and were “so glad” they came to the course. They report having greater confidence and better patient outcomes using ultrasound guidance with the injections. 

Your patients are going to want to know what it feels like. It is very important that you can look them in the eye and with confidence let them know that you have had it done to you and it is completely worth it. I hear medical providers say at each course, it wasn’t that bad, much easier than I thought, I can’t wait to tell my patients that I had it done!

You get to see first hand, how your medical provider is doing. Also, you are hearing exactly what I am teaching so you know what skillsets your medical provider can now deliver with confidence. It starts at the top! If the owner can tell all the staff that they had it done it shows belief in the product and you expect the best possible results for your staff and your patients. 

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