There are two ways to go about promoting the new service to your public.

First is by simply having the procedure on a list of services your office provides which goes to it’s own dedicated service page WITHIN your current webiste.  This additional page is exclusively devoted to the O-Shot® procedure.

Here are some examples  HERE  and   HERE

Just having the name of the procedure on a list of services your office provides does not reassure the person of your commitment to doing the procedure, so another approach is to have a completely separate, stand-alone one-page website dedicated to the procedure.  Some marketing companies refer to this as a ‘landing page’.


Add a video to your web page about the O-Shot® procedure. 

You can add any video from the main website however, it’s better to make your own when you get the chance.


Schedule a series of emails about the O-Shot to go to your existing patients and contacts.

You can schedule a year’s worth of these emails by signing up for Ontraport (learn more by going HERE) and then telling them that you’re one of our providers.  They have a $1 trial, then a monthly subscription if you continue.

The best part: they will download a year’s worth of pre-written emails into your account where all you have to do is to change the contact info, as well as they provide an educational landing page for your patients complete with videos (you can replace with your own once you have them.

Here is a video on how to create your own emails:

Here is a free guide on how to write emails that get delivered HERE

Once you are set on how you are going to be sending emails out, send one email a week for 6 weeks and see what happens. 

You should be collecting the emails of every patient. 

Important: unlike social media, your emails are not censored yet (in the USA at least)–social media does kill accounts when you talk about sex treatment of almost any kind.


Has everyone who interacts with patients had the procedure?

Preferably, they should have the procedure done by you, the provider in their office, so they can brag about you.

This is very very important! Imagine how it would feel to a patient to go to an office for Botox where no one in the office had received Botox. Of course, the same applies to the O-Shot® procedure.

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