Disseminating Your New Procedure to the Public

Getting the Word Out

As you progress through the aesthetics and sexual medicine programs, you must get the word out about your new offerings.  These steps outlined below have been tried over the past decade and found to work for our providers — to bring us people who need our help without spending huge amounts of money on advertising.

In no particular order, here are the foundational promotional strategies and campaign ideas to jumpstart public awareness of your service:

ORDER BOOKS & BROCHURES to Give to Patients 

They will forget a link, they lose a card, they keep a book, they may keep a brochure. If you hand out 10 books to people who may be helped by the O-Shot® and offer to help them and tell them to take the book home and let you know if they are interested, and if you don’t get at least one person ask you to help them from that exercise, we would be VERY surprised as that is the typical return.

Here is where you can order the books in bulk for a volume discount:

An alternative is to send candidates to Amazon for them to purchase a Kindle version (or minimally see the value of the book at retail:  HERE )


Display this in your reception and/or consultation room (as well as anywhere you are doing a public presentation!).  When people ask questions about the poster, use the same script as with the phone script.

Note: If no women in your office have not had the procedure, your patients are not likely to believe anything they say about the procedure.  So this helps jumpstart the awareness until you have the word spreading.

Here is where you can order the posters:


You will absolutely want to order the brochures (see link below).  

How about a T-shirt for sparking conversations?  (HERE)

or an O-Shot coffee mug? (HERE)

a.  wear the shirt b.  someone asks, “what’s an o-shot” c.  answer.  “It’s a new and safe way to help women with urinary incontinence and improve sexual relations.” d.  any other question from the patient…then say… e.  “Here, this book, with photos and links to website, will explain more than I can in the office.  Call with your questions after your look through this…it does a much better job of explaining than I can here in the office.”

In the next topic we will go over a couple of the ‘Digital’ promotional steps that have been proven successful.


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