One of the advantages of using the Trademarked names (like O-Shot®) is that you can choose from a variety of centrifuge suppliers–choosing the one that offers you the most quality product with the best price and customer service. You can see our latest recommendations and reasons for choosing one centrifuge over another here.

The centrifuge should be a device that’s approved by the FDA for the use of preparing PRP for going back into the body; this is different than fractionating blood for analysis.

Using for this procedure a centrifuge and tubes that were made for analysis of blood will put the patient and risk for infection and fever. 

If you charge the appropriate amount for most of your procedures (all of us do some work for free), you will have enough to buy quality FDA-approved kits and still have enough money left over to pay your overhead.


Jeff Piccirillo


Learn to use your centrifuge

The best reps will come to your office. They will show your staff how to use the device; but, we recommend that you also learn how to use it. People do get sick and change jobs.

We do not recommend using a centrifuge and tubes that were made to analyze blood; doing so puts your patient and your medical license at risk. Instead, use a centrifuge approved by the FDA to prepare blood to back into the body. Then ask the rep to show you how to use it.

There are many centrifuges that qualify and their specifications can change, so use a rep that gives you support and if they do not support you, then let us know so we can remove them from our list of recommendations

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